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30 Day MilSO Challenge - Day 3

Day 3: Your first memory with them.

My first memory? What a vague and awful topic. I mean I don’t quite get what it means, but I guess I can go with this: Superfly and Pinecone Tavern. Our mutual friend invited us to a night out starting with food at Superfly and then drinks and fun at Pinecone. I actually didn’t realize he was invited because he didn’t travel there with us, but met us there. When I saw him in Superfly it was like I was back in high school. He was so handsome and that smile of his… it’s a killer. Did I mention I’m a sucker for a great smile? He was of course too busy talking to tons of people to really be able to start a conversation with, but then even that felt like high school - he was always pretty popular back then. When we got to Pinecone it was a different story. He started paying more attention to me and sat and had a really great conversation with me most of the night. Granted another friend of ours was trying to talk to me too, but I only saw him as a friend. I was trying to hide my excitement at the attention he (my now husband) was giving me, but I’m sure it was plastered all over my face. Lucky for me the lighting was low in the place or I’m sure my face would have been red all over. And our relationship budded from that chance encounter and reconnection after all these years. SO I suppose that’s my first memory of him AFTER high school. Yeah. That’ll do.

30 Day MilSO Challenge - Day 2

Day 2: How did he ask you to be his?

We had been dating for a little and spending a lot of time together. One night he was over at my grandmother’s house and we were sitting in bed (fully clothed alright people lol - I am happy to report that we did not sleep together until we were officially and exclusively boyfriend and girlfriend) talking about random things and just enjoying the company of one another. We got on the topic of us and he asked me if we were dating. When I said yes, which seemed obvious to me, he seemed like that wasn’t quite the answer he’d been looking for and I inferred that he hadn’t quite asked the question he actually meant. So I did. I asked him if he meant exclusively. As I said this detail my heart was pounding hoping that’s what he had meant. He looked so cute and shy and looked down at his hands as he replied that yes that was indeed what he had meant. I asked if that’s what he wanted and again he said yes. And from there we were official! I was beyond elated. I was then proud to introduce him to everyone as my boyfriend as was he in deeming me his girlfriend. :)

30 Day MilSO Challenge - Day 1

I figure doing this for 30 days will help pass some of this awful deployment that’s breaking me down more than I expected. Even if no one actually reads this.

Day 1: How did you meet?

Well, my husband and I met back in high school. He was a few grades above me, but we attended several of the same parties and had some friends in common. I actually dated his younger brother for a couple months about 8 years ago, but it was hardly a relationship. I mean I was a sophomore at the time I believe and we kissed a couple times, so that wasn’t really any big deal. Anyways I already had a crush on my husband back then. He was gorgeous and funny and just fun to be around. We did hook up at a party and I embarrassed myself beyond all reason being inebriated. Needless to say after that I was pretty reserved around him since I figured he thought I was some silly immature girl with a crush. A little over a year ago we reconnected through one of those mutual friends we had in high school. We both ended up out with the same group of people having dinner and hitting up a local tavern. We got into conversation and I couldn’t believe I still had feelings for him after all those years. It was like seeing him brought it all back up and it felt like we were the only two people there just talking and laughing. Another friend of ours was talking to me some that night too, but I didn’t see him as anything more than friendly. We each went our separate way that night and I contacted him on Facebook. Later I hung out with our mutual friend again and my husband ended up meeting up with us later for dessert. We got to talking again and I realized I was physically moving closer and closer to him as we all three conversed standing out in the parking lot of the restaurant we’d been at. I felt like I was in high school all over again and figured I was probably making a fool of myself. However he wrote me on Facebook and gave me his number so I texted to give him mine and from there it took off! I am still so amazed at the way it all came around.

On a side note it was funny because when our hookup in high school got brought up he said he HAD been interested, but thought that I was unhappy with him for the way things had played out and so he’d steered clear of me thinking I wanted nothing to do with him! Funny how two people can interpret a situation so differently.

Note that for purposes of the rest of the questions “firsts” will be counted from when we started dating over a year ago and not from meeting back in high school.